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Summer Discount

Video games are the fastest-growing pastime in the world.

Luckily for you, we’re the premier advertising platform that reaches over 110 million engaged gamers each month.

This summer, we have an amazing opportunity to get your message in front of our passionate gaming communities during the critical games marketing window this summer.

Summer discount event 

Our limited promotion offers discounts of up to 20% on our high-impact ad formats package (HIP^*), and 50% rate discounts off branded content distribution through our curated social channels through July.

Our HIP blends our popular Astroboard Roadblock and Solar Skin Desktop units and our new Solar Mobile unit.

Our audience

We work exclusively with over 180+ games and entertainment sites, opening up a vast landscape of gamers and by using tools such as Quantcast, Comscore, and zero-party survey data, we’ve got to know our audience…

    • 46% of our audience’s platform of choice is PC

    • 30% are very willing to spend regularly on hardware and games

    • 35% of our audience play games for 20+ hours per week

    • Our audience is affluent, with 39% of them being ‘heavy spenders’ when it comes to electronics and FMCG

    • They’re also 1.4x more likely to spend on all forms of entertainment


If you’re looking to reach gamers, we’ve got them…

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