‘Tis the Season for Ad Revenue

Tracking ad revenue can be as constant as the changing of the seasons. Know when to expect highs and lows in the coming year with our insight on seasonal advertiser spending.

When you see leaves start to tumble from the trees in autumn, or you feel that first biting wind of winter, it’s obvious that the seasons are changing. They follow the same basic formula: there’s four in a year, and one follows the other without fail. But did you know your ad revenue can be tracked quarterly in a similar way? We’ll tell you what to expect with the changing of the seasons.

Quarter 1: Winter

Advertising agencies are typically stretching their last pound through to the end of the fiscal year, so you may see lower revenue in the start of the year. There’s been a big boom in spending in the lead-up to holiday season in December, so advertisers are going to be more conservative in spending through January.

If you’re looking to make any changes to the make-up of your site, hold off until the new year. December is a big month for ad revenue, and as site overhauls can often lead to a momentary decrease in traffic, keep your branding and content consistent.

Quarter 2: Spring

Buds are breaking through the ground and advertisers are burning through the last of their budget in the lead up to the new financial year. Expect to see a slight bump in revenue in the warmer months. If you have content you expect to draw more traffic to your site, now’s the time to schedule it.

Quarter 3: Summer

Everything slows in the summer. Advertisers are already prepping for Q4 spending, so you might see a slight lull in revenue in the summer months. More people are taking advantage of better weather and spending time away from online on summer holidays. Use this time to beef up your content and plan out the rest of the year. Create a content calendar or pencil in some quality updates to your site so you can be prepared for the end of the year.

Quarter 4: Autumn

Hold on to your hats, and not just because of that blustery autumn breeze! This is often the most profitable quarter for publishers, due largely to the ramp-up to the holiday season. Notable global consumer events like Black Friday can create a spike in click-through traffic for advertisers. This means advertisers are willing to pay a bit more for ads on your site, and will likely have reserved the bulk of their budget to blow in the lead-up to December.

It’s important to consider national and global holidays when tracking your revenue alongside a traditional calendar. Consider putting out seasonal content, and keep track of where your audience is from so you can tailor posts or updates around their cultural calendar. Advertisers are also likely to spend more at the end of each month and at the end of each quarter, so don’t be alarmed if you see a steady climb through the month, then a dip on the 1st.

Unfortunately, not everything in publishing and advertising is as constant as the seasons. Publisher Collective can keep the grey revenue days at bay with industry tips and knowledge in our blog. Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us here.