Powered by Celtra

We’ve got an arsenal of awesome tools to help our advertisers and partners stand out. Here's how Celtra helps us create innovative, engaging ad campaigns that deliver massive impressions.

Powered by Celtra

A unique quality of our approach as an ad network is that we create advertising campaigns with our partner’s audiences in mind. Our collective serves a wide range of interests across different types of media, with a strong user base in gaming, tech, and entertainment. These users are often discerning in how they spend their time and what sites they choose to visit. So shouldn’t the advertisements shown on these sites carry on the quality of the content that our users have come to expect?

Enter Celtra, our ace in the hole when it comes to creating brilliant, branded ad campaigns. Celtra helps our creative team deliver completely unique campaigns that stand apart from typical static ads. Read on to discover how Celtra elevates our creative process.

What does it do?

The relentless innovation of ad tech means that advertising parameters are constantly changing. Our creative team and ad developers work together closely to ensure that our advertising campaigns not only look stunning, but suit the page they sit on and work seamlessly when the user engages with the ad.

Celtra streamlines both aspects of our ad campaign development process – the visual and the technical. To build our original ad formats, our ad devs use Celtra to develop and test all aspects of the format before it goes live. Celtra’s software allows our developers to create stronger formats in a fraction of the time. It allows us to devote even more time to pursuing new, creative methods to make those ad formats engaging to our audiences.

How do we use it?

A highlight of our ad formats is their interactivity. When advertisers are looking to reach an engaged audience of passionate gamers, fanatic film buffs, or desktop devotees, they come to us. The level of engagement we can offer through in-ad video displays and content carousels is unmatched in the industry.

We use Celtra to hone the creative aspects of our campaigns. Say a videogame developer wants to showcase new downloadable content dedicated PC gamers. With Celtra, we can use any number of inventive ways to illustrate the features of that DLC. We can combine video with interactive polls or carousels, or introduce video and collapsible creative art that showcases the best bits of gameplay and character design.

Celtra means that it all operates smoothly, no matter the aspect ratio or device. We can adapt our creatives to fit any of our ad formats, so the advertiser can have full control over the spread. Celtra is the first tool we reach for to ensure we not only are producing beautifully designed ads but that they’re operating on a robust code built to minimize load times and maximize impact.

We’ll be featuring more of our trademark tools on the blog, so keep an eye out for our next feature. You can find out more about Celtra here. If you’re an advertiser and want to unleash the potential of truly impactful ads, you can contact us here.