Partner Spotlight: Video Game Mods

Each month we shout about one of our incredible partners. For December, we chatted with Video Game Mods about accessibility in modding.

video game mods homepage

Modding in gaming has served as a bridge between developers and players looking to personalize and expand upon their favorite gaming universes. Video Game Mods operates as a champion of different modding communities, making mods for their line-up of games accessible to all, and fostering a creative atmosphere for modders. We discussed the growth of Video Game Mods with the site owner in this month’s Partner Spotlight.

What drove you to create Video Game Mods?

“I set out to construct a modding site for GTA 4 before its much-anticipated release. My previous experiences with existing GTA modding platforms left me dissatisfied, particularly with their outdated design and user interface.

“Upon completion, the site failed to gain the anticipated traction, leading to a sense of disappointment. However, in the wake of this setback, my attention shifted to the upcoming game, Just Cause 2. It struck me that the groundwork I had laid for GTA 4, could serve as an ideal platform, especially given the absence of an existing modding community for Just Cause 2. Motivated primarily by my love for the game, I decided to pivot and transform the existing structure. With quick reskinning and strategic outreach via Reddit and the official game forums, the site stands today as the sole hub for downloading Just Cause 2 mods.

“Building upon this success, I felt a growing inclination to extend my support to other games, including Just Cause 3, and to assist struggling modding communities facing bandwidth limitations. This gave rise to (VGM), a modest network of modding websites that sought to offer a helping hand to the gaming community.”

How has your audience impacted your experience as a site owner/gamer?

“The audience has played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of our platform; their feedback and suggestions have guided the seamless rollout of updates and the introduction of innovative features.

“Empowering members to take charge of their own modding sites as designated site managers has proven to be a transformative approach. This hands-on collaboration allows me to forge a close working relationship with our community, gaining invaluable insights into what resonates and what doesn’t. The goal is to ensure that VGM consistently operates at its optimal state, striking the perfect balance of advanced features without unnecessary complexity.”

What’s one of your favourite aspects of managing your website?

“Every game on our platform has a designated manager who calls the shots for their community. It’s like handing them the reins—total control over content and all the tools they need to grow their community, minus the headache and expenses of managing servers and websites.

“I have complete faith in the manager’s ability to govern and moderate their communities, so my check-ins are brief to ensure everything’s sailing smoothly. This setup allows me to focus my energy on the intricate tech side, fine-tuning the gears that power our network; this is my favourite aspect of managing the site. It’s a balance of trust and technology, where everyone plays their part.”

What are you most proud of in regards to your website?

“My greatest source of pride in VGM lies in the thoughtful design and user interface, which serve as the foundation of our platform. The website has undergone many versions in order to ensure the design is always on trend. I find profound satisfaction in ensuring that the user experience is not only simple but truly welcoming for first-time visitors. In just a brief 5 minutes, they can register and upload their mod—a principle deeply ingrained in the ethos of our site. Furthermore, our commitment to inclusivity shines through, as anyone can freely view and download mods without the need for registration. It’s a subtle yet powerful way of making the modding community more accessible to all, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared creativity.”

Do you have any advice for website owners who are just starting out?

“Just go for it! You don’t have to aim for perfection from the get-go. The cool thing about software is that you can make changes and get better over time. Don’t wait around, and don’t worry about making mistakes—it’s all part of the game. I’ve run a bunch of forums and blogs before creating VGM, and each one taught me something new. The good and the not-so-good experiences help you spot gaps in the market and pick up the skills you need when opportunities come your way. So, take the plunge, learn as you go, and enjoy the journey!”

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