What to play this Valentine’s Day

Looking for a way to incorporate some gaming into your Valentine’s date night? We’ve got some suggestions from our staff on what they’ll be playing this Valentine’s Day.

what to play this valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a divisive holiday for singles and couples alike. From finding the right gift to writing the perfect card, it can be easy to forget the real meaning of the day: spending time with the people we love. So rather than fight for a reservation at that expensive restaurant, why not stay in with a good game? Gaming has been shown to reduce stress and frustration and provide relaxation for enthusiasts, which might be just what you need on one of the most stressful days of the year.

We asked our staff what they planned on playing, either alone or with friends or loved ones. From the best romance mechanics, to the greatest group games, to some seriously sinister solo gaming, we’ve got your Valentine’s plans covered.

A game for the romantics at heart

As an outspoken Jane Austen fan and an avid cozy gamer, my interests intersected in the mobile game Regency Love by Tea for Three Studios. Play as a regency heroine looking for love (or not) in this choose your own adventure-esque app. On the surface, the gameplay is simple, however, the story, art, and music always keep me coming back for another play-through.

The developers manage to capture the quiet, austere romance of Austen’s books through lovable original characters and an engaging storyline that ties all of Austen’s works together. It’s like stepping into your own romance story, perfect for a quiet Valentine’s evening in.

Something sinister for the true-crime lovers

If you’re wanting something to really sink your teeth into, try out Scriptic: Crime Stories from Netflix. Good news for Netflix subscribers, this one’s free to play. Instead of popping on a movie after your meal, why not cuddle up on the couch and try to solve a murder?

Scriptic puts gamers in the middle of a murder case, utilizing the mobile phone format to its advantage. Look through the victim’s phone, track suspects, and collaborate with your fellow detectives to catch the killer. “As a fan of murder podcasts and TV crime thrillers, this game makes you feel like you’re living inside one,” says Elspeth Hinde, our Head of Product.

Cooking up good fun for couples

If crime and romance don’t whet your appetite, why not turn to our oft-recommended favorite, Overcooked? Our Network Partnerships Manager, Kelly McMahon, plans to play with friends for Galentine’s Day.

“Our friendships will be tested (as we have learned from previous experiences playing together) but overall, it’s the perfect recipe for a great night!” McMahon says.

For some 2-player action, try out It Takes Two. This co-op title draws together narrative and gameplay in a fun, approachable way that will entice even the most novice players. Our Data Analyst, Josh Creese, enjoys watching his partner solve the puzzles.

“Being a gamer and a non-gamer couple, it was great fun having to time things correctly,” says Creese. “Very hard to not backseat-game!”

For gamers and fanatics like us here at Publisher Collective, we love to talk about our favorite titles on the blog. We know gamers because we are gamers. If you’re looking to reach an audience in gaming, you can reach out to us here. Happy gaming!