Our Summer Game Fest round-up

Summer Game Fest 2024 announced some exciting new games coming to PC and console. Let’s look at all the titles coming out in 2024.

Our Summer Game Fest round-up

It feels like the hits just kept coming throughout Summer Game Fest’s two-hour long showcase on June 10th. From farming sims to first-person shooters, spanning legacy franchises and odd-ball indie titles, we’ve gathered all the newly announced games, DLCs and installments that are releasing this year in our Summer Game Fest round-up.

Summer: Star Wars, Street Fighter, and survival games

There’s something for everyone this summer. Valorant is making a victorious appearance on consoles from June 14th, a new Alan Wake DLC has already set the stage for more screams, and Star Wars Outlaws will finally be in fans’ hands at the end of August. Some other notable releases to mark on your calendar include Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess from Capcom (that’s available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on release!) and the free-to-play The First Descendant from Nexon coming to PC and consoles in July.

Alan Wake II: Night Springs DLC (PC, Playstation, Xbox): June 8th

Valorant (Playstation, Xbox): June 14th

Street Fighter 6 Season 2 (PC, Playstation, Xbox): TBC

Battle Crush Early Access (Mobile, PC, Switch): June 27th

The First Descendant (PC, Playstation, Xbox): July 2nd

Once Human (Mobile, PC): July 9th

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess (PC, Playstation, Xbox): July 19th

Black Myth: Wukong (PC, Playstation): August 20th

Star Wars Outlaws (PC, Playstation, Xbox): August 30th

Fall: Fight or flight

Following Hogwarts Legacy’s massive success, gamers will be able to take to the skies of the Wizarding World with Quidditch Champions. New World is getting a new look with New World Aeternum, introducing cross-play between platforms and some new content for New World players. Halloween is bringing some seriously scary titles, like No More Room in Hell 2 and Slitterhead, from the creator of Silent Hill, landing on November 8th.

Quidditch Champions (PC, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox): September 3rd

Enotria: The Last Song (PC, Playstation): September 19th

Metaphor: ReFantazio (PC, Playstation, Xbox): October 11th

Dragon Ball: Sparking! ZERO (PC, Playstation, Xbox): October 11th

New World: Aeternum (PC, Playstation, Xbox): October 15th

Sonic X Shadow: Generations (PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch): October 25th

No More Room in Hell 2 (PC): October 31st

Slitterhead (PC, Playstation, Xbox): November 8th

TBAs for 2024

There are a few more titles that haven’t announced a release date yet, but have announced at Summer Game Fest that release is slated for this year. Titles like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind, Neva, and Wanderstop are currently on track for a 2024 release, with Q3 releases like Killer Bean, Shoot on Sight, and Unknown 9: Awakening. A VR entry featuring DC’s favorite caped crusader called Batman: Arkham Shadow is scheduled for this year’s Q4, along with LEGO Horizon Adventures.

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