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Meet the faces behind Publisher Collective...



Andrew Church
Global Commercial Director

Commercial Director Andrew has 20 years of experience working in the games industry. He loves to support his local rugby team, Bath, and is a big fan of the Battlefield series.

Darryl Grant
Sales Director

Darryl’s been working in the media sales industry for 15 years, and when not ‘playing’ Street Fighter, is found testing out his skills in real life combat sports.

Jason Gottlieb
North American Sales Director

Jason’s been working in US advertising and marketing since 2010, and when he isn’t helping out our US clients, he loves to root on the New York Yankees with his family.

Julian- image
Julian Castillo
Account Executive - USA

Our US Account Executive Julian has been working within gaming for 7 years! It’s fair to say that he’s pretty passionate about games, with Deep Rock Galactic, Destiny 2 and Minecraft being among his favourites. When Julian isn’t gaming, he likes to go hiking and watch his favourite films, like Toy Story. He also enjoys the finer things in life, like a glass of most excellent wine.


Matthew Novick
Account Director - USA

When USA Account Director, Matthew isn’t working, you’ll find him playing Halo, Djing or off on his next adventure travelling the world. Outside of being a globe trotter, Matthew can be found watching utter classics such as Wayne’s World, Godfather 2 and Kill Bill!

Phil Jones
Key Account Manager
Chris Hermitage
Digital Sales Account Manager

Account Manager Chris often spends his free time playing football and watching sports.

Matty Brown
Account Manager

Matty has been working in the games industry for four years, and in his spare time you can often find him fighting his way through a Dark Souls game

Sam Packer
Sales Account Executive

Sales Account Executive Sam has been working in both sales and agency-side roles for 3 years and when he’s not at work, he’s portraying a wise, old and surprising tall gnome in Dungeons & Dragons. He also loves to have a blast on Rock Band 3 with his siblings!

Robert Lyon
Digital Sales Account Manager

Digital Sales Account Manager Rob loves a bit of sun and can be found travelling to distant shores in search of the best music festival. When he’s not living it large, Rob likes to play Elder Scrolls and re-watch Gladiator.

Publisher Support

Pin-Ju Chiang
Network Director

Pin-Ju is a big board game fan and particularly loves Betrayal at House on The Hill. She’s been working in the games industry for three years and enjoys spending her spare time hiking.

Rob Brett
Programmatic Director

Rob’s got 22 years of experience within digital publishing, and loves to kick back on the weekend with a spot of sailing.

Dark haired woman in a spotty top smiling
Yuliana Lobay
Programmatic Manager

Programmatic manager Yuliana has been working within gaming for nearly 4 years. When it comes to gaming, Yuliana goes for something a little more retro and will play anything from the 90s!

Ryan Napolitano
Network Partnership Manager

Ryan’s been working in gaming for three years, but in his free time, he’s a hip-hop and RnB producer.

Yousef Shafi
Network Partnership Executive

Yousef is one of our Network Partnerships Executives here at Publisher Collective – as well as being a publisher for one of the largest Fortnite sites on the planet.
Having worked in gaming for a massive 6 years, Yousef has tonnes of knowledge to share with our publishers. In his downtime, you can catch Yousef at a Manchester United game, or rewatching his favourite trove of war movies.

Elspeth in a spotty top and her hair in a braid.
Elspeth Hinde
Product Manager

Product Manager Elspeth has been working in the industry for 2 years and is a huge Dungeons & Dragons player. Spinning a good yarn, Elspeth also loves to write short stories and novels and can often be found getting into the latest board game or re-watching The Princess Bride!

Lee Thompson
Network Operations Manager

Lee’s favourite game is Hyper Light Drifter, and when he’s not adventuring around mystical worlds, he can usually be found in the front row of a gig.

George Foley
Project Administrator

Project Administrator loves travelling to Italy when he can but when he’s not jet setting, can be found delving into the world of Skyrim.

James Williams
Network Account Manager

James is our newest Network Account Manager! His favourite game is Football Manager and he loves a bit of theatre, NFL and the occasional board game!

Sam Grant
Network Operations Executive

Network Operations Executive Sam is an official judge for Pokemon and plays competitively for both the TCG and VGC. He’s also hugely into Dungeons & Dragons, reading comics and the new Batman film!


Kelly Pask
Head of Campaign Management
Jason Hockridge
Head of Delivery

When Jason isn’t speeding around a Go Kart track, you can find him playing one of his favourite games, Resident Evil

Bryony Huzar
Head of Ad Ops

When Bryony’s not playing her way through the Age of Empire series, you can find her at a night class learning Italian!