Solar Skins

What are Solar Skins?


Solar Skins are a new ad format brought to you from Publisher Collective. They are a direct replacement for the legacy Skin Roadblock ad format and encourage longer dwell times and higher overall engagement, due to their interactive features.

The purpose of the Solar Skin is to provide a true fireplace takeover, along with a much more premium and ‘high impact’ look and feel, hosting various interactive features, such as animated elements that move as a user scrolls or an embedded video player, much akin to the Astroboard (970×240 banner version only).


Solar Skins sits in full view on a web page as a unified skin, much like a full fireplace skin however, instead of being made up of three static images, it’s one interactive view. When in view, there’s 100% viewability, however, when a user navigates away from the page, the view will shift.


As it’s interactive, engagement is encouraged from the viewer, therefore potentially resulting in a longer dwell time.

Solar Skins are designed explicitly to bridge the gap between the standard display and our premium ad formats such as the Astroboard or Galaxyboard. The aim is to provide campaign clients with a unit that offers high-impact functionality whilst also being more affordable for smaller clients such as indie developers. This should, in turn, lead to a higher buy rate, meaning more core display skins should be serving over programmatic delivery.

Key points

There are two versions of the Solar Skin, one that has a 250-pixel tall banner, which is designed to fit on sites that hosted 970×250 banners at the top of the page, and a 90-pixel tall banner version that is designed for sites that hosted a 728×90 banner. Each aims to minimise any CLS impact on the relevant site page setups, as they shouldn’t have to shift any site elements in order to display.

Want Solar Skins on your site? Or just want to find out more? Reach out to us via this contact form and become a Publisher Collective member.