Allow us to introduce AstroBoard.

At Publisher Collective, we love introducing new creative ad formats that will serve both our publishers and their audience with engaging content. One such innovation is AstroBoard, a unique Publisher Collective ad format that will bring our campaigns directly to your audience in an interactive tableau designed to entice and inform gamers.

AstroBoard is best utilised for advertisers looking to showcase both static and video elements of their product, and operates well on both desktop and mobile. It provides a seamless user experience and a complementary marriage between the advertised product and the webpage’s content. Read on for our key highlights and details about this unique ad format.


AstroBoard sits at the base of the website, in an attractive banner alongside the bottom of the user’s screen. The ad begins in an expanded format, but users are able to close or expand AstroBoard at will. It’s always visible on the page whether it’s expanded or collapsed and best situated with one of our other original ad formats such as Solar Skins, which will better serve your audience through exclusively designed advertising content. If you’re excited about a new game release or you’re looking to broadcast a new game to your audience through our one-of-a-kind campaigns, our creative team is the first port of call for developers and site publishers to create attractive, engaging advertisements for their audience.

Even collapsed, AstroBoard provides the viewer with a branded banner and enticing graphics designed to draw in that expansive click. As with our other exclusive ad formats, AstroBoard is designed with the advertiser, partner, and user in mind in order to drive engagement and revenue without infringing on the look or feel of the page, or diluting the content served to the user.


AstroBoard isn’t just any other advertisement. It’s a tailored, core campaign created exclusively for our partners. AstroBoard will often serve better revenue simply through the CPM increase. In giving the audience the ability to open the ad to learn more about the game or media being advertised, clicks will be coming directly from engaged, interested users. This means a higher CPM and increased user engagement.

As it’s designed specifically for your gaming audience, it serves a better UX overall as opposed to static advertisements. When combined with our other individual core campaign ad formats, AstroBoard delivers a heavy-hitting ad experience that will keep your audience happy, whether you’re a site owner or an advertiser.

Key Points

Because of AstroBoard’s attractive size in relation to the webpage and the custom-built nature of the ad campaign, this ad format is one that will handily complement both the website it lives on, and the ad campaign it’s enticing users with.

We always strive to create ad formats designed to serve our partners with better revenue opportunities. This goes hand-in-hand with ensuring our exclusive core advertising campaigns are attractive and informative for their audience.

Want to learn about our other unmatched ad formats? We’re always posting on our blog about our service here. Looking to create an advertising campaign to reach our dedicated gaming audience? You can contact us here.