Our top tricks to beat burnout

Feeling the heat? Afraid you might flame out? Here are some methods we, here at Publisher Collective, use to combat burnout.

our top tricks to beat burnout

It’s said that if you find yourself in a career you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. While it can be especially rewarding working in an industry you’re passionate about, it can be more draining than working a typical day job. Because you care so much about the successes, the setbacks can be all the more upsetting. You might find yourself devoting more time and energy to your career, which can start to take a toll on your physical and mental health.

Site owners can sometimes fall prey to burnout. Running a website and creating content can be daunting and time-consuming on their own, but doing the two together can be exhausting if you don’t look after your energy levels. Most of us have experienced burnout at some point or another, and we’ve learned a few methods for fighting back against it.

Make your health a priority

So much of what we can take on in our day is due to our existing health. Think about how much sleep you might be getting each night, how varied your diet is, and how hydrated you are. All of these factors play into how quickly you can become fatigued physically, but they can also play a part in keeping you mentally well. Burnout often affects us mentally, making us feel unmotivated or anxious when it comes to working, which is why it’s important to make strides towards keeping yourself healthy.

You don’t need to make rigorous changes to your lifestyle, but be honest about what could be improved. It can be as simple as drinking a glass of water in the morning or finding small ways to exercise in your day. Take the stairs over riding a lift, get off your bus a stop early to add to your walk, or park further away from an entrance. Taking small steps is still moving forward.

Disconnect when you can

When you work in tech or gaming, your day can be consumed by screens. Smartphones have made it even more difficult to log off, which can mean that we take work or anxiety to bed with us. This can have knock-on effects to your sleep schedule, your ability to start the day off well, or your overall mental well-being.

If you de-stress with gaming, you can still indulge in a little blue light. But make sure you turn off or put away your work devices after hours. Though this can be difficult if you work freelance or run your own business, set a schedule and stick to it. It doesn’t need to be the traditional 9 to 5, but you need to ensure you have time to reset between work periods to avoid burnout.

Indulge in what you love

We all recharge in different ways. Exercise can be a mental and physical release for some, while others might feel refreshed after an evening with friends or a day spent reading. Just like we have hours we dedicate to work, dedicate time to things you truly enjoy. This can be difficult for those aforementioned passionate workers – if you love your job, shouldn’t that be an indulgence in itself?

Work is still work, no matter how much you enjoy it. You’ll likely need less reset time than others, but in order to stay mentally fresh, take breaks. Seek out hobbies or pastimes you might enjoy, or reconnect with friends and family. Variety is the spice of life, so sprinkle in some you-time that doesn’t overlap too much with your work.

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