Pets at Publisher Collective

Pets can have tons of positive effects on us, from increasing happiness and decreasing stress, to guiding their owners towards a more active lifestyle. Read about how our pets make our workday better.

pets at publisher collective

As a hybrid workplace, we’ve weighed out the pros and cons of having a flexible work environment. To combat the isolating effect that WFH can have on employees, we encourage the connections that happen in our office with initiatives like monthly game nights (which you can read about here).

But when our team isn’t in the office, many employees rely on their animal companions to bring a bit of companionship and calming energy to their workday. From cats to dogs, even fish and tortoises, we rely on our pets more than we know in our day-to-day life.

Mental health mates

Working from home can eliminate a lot of the undesirable aspects of working in an office (looking at you, commute) but it can also lead to workers feeling lonely or anxious. Pets have been proven to alleviate the isolation hybrid workers feel. By simply being present, pets can make us feel lighter and ease stress. The simple act of petting your cat or dog can even lower your blood pressure!

The culmination of day-to-day anxiety around work can mount up without the release that a good vent session by the watercooler could provide. But pets can serve as someone to chat to, to complain or praise. It can go a long way in making sure workers have a better balanced mental health perspective. Our Head of Marketing, Verity Silvester, says her cat Minnie brings a bit of welcome calm to her day.

“Working remotely, Minnie is always a welcome sight,” says Silvester. “She keeps me company throughout the day.”

Keeping active and accountable

Pets can often introduce routine into an otherwise empty day. Animals get used to a set schedule and rhythm of the day. By adhering to their routines, we can feel a sense of movement to the day that we might miss from just sitting in front of our screen from 9 to 5. They have to be fed at certain times, walked and exercised at others.

It’s a great way to get us away from our desks, even briefly, for a stretch, a cuddle, or a brisk walk. Our AdTech Product Manager Joel Franklin has come to appreciate the structure his walks with his dog, Otis, bring to his workday.

“Otis provides a great source of motivation to live a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally,” says Franklin. “Come rain or shine, Otis is there to ensure we get our daily walks in and switch off from work which can often be difficult when working from home.”

We’ve got a lot to thank our furry friends for when it comes to keeping us sane and happy. A balanced work environment is just one part of what keeps our passion for our partners alight. Looking to join the Collective? You can apply here.