We’re in the Coalition for Better Ads!

We’ve got some exciting news to share…we’ve been accepted into the Coalition for Better Ads!

As an ad network that supports sites passionate about all things tech and gaming, we’re always looking for opportunities to better serve both the advertisers that work with us and the sites that make up the Collective. We believe the users that make up the audience for every one of our websites deserve quality, noninvasive advertising that aligns with the sites they love to visit. The site owners get to draw revenue from their passion projects while knowing their users aren’t getting bombarded with irritating advertisements or pop-ups, and their site performance isn’t impacted by flashing ads. It’s a winning scenario for everyone involved.

One of our latest wins has been our acceptance into the Coalition for Better Ads. The Coalition personifies everything we believe about safe, unobtrusive advertising online while supporting the independent creators that spark some of our favorite sites. We were thrilled when we were accepted into the Coalition, and want to tell you a little bit more about what being a part of the Coalition entails.

What is the Coalition for Better Ads?

In short, the Coalition is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a collection of like-minded individuals, from advertisers to publishers to networks, that want to improve the ad viewing experience for all users; mobile, desktop, or otherwise. What’s not to like?

The Coalition for Better Ads launched in 2016 with the intent to conduct regular research on online advertising and its impact on users. Basically, which ad formats cause users to download ad blockers or become frustrated with the site they’re attempting to visit. There’s a balance that comes with serving advertisements, and if advertisers and publishers choose to serve disruptive, annoying ads to their users, it categorically ends up isolating a large base of the audience, leading to dropping unique users and page views.

What does the Coalition for Better Ads do?

Aside from conducting regular research and monitoring ad block downloads and tech across the web, the Coalition also advises advertisers and publishers on the best practices for serving advertisements.

This is outlined in the Coalition’s standards. The standards detail which are the most offensive ad formats, such as video ads that autoplay with sound, or pop-up ads that don’t display how to close them. By analyzing which ads cause users to install ad blockers more frequently, the Coalition can pinpoint which ad experiences are driving away users and consumers in droves.

What does it mean for Publisher Collective?

The Coalition for Better Ads also offers a Better Ads Experience Program, which is what we’ve been accepted into. The ad units that we employ have to pass the Coalition’s Better Ads Standards and will be reviewed regularly to ensure we’re still in compliance.

You can check the other websites and participants in the program by checking out the registry. It lists active members of the Better Ads Experience Program. We’re there, too! Just scroll down to Network N Ltd. to find our participating sites.

We’ll carry on promoting the growth of our partner sites by encouraging healthy, sustainable advertising. If you’d like to apply to join the Collective, click here.