Our 2023 gaming con wrap up

As avid gamers, we’ll take any opportunity to attend a gaming convention. Here’s a list of our favorite conventions from 2023.

our 2023 gaming con wrap up

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with all things gaming. Whether it’s a board game night with friends, or a solo expedition through our favorite AAA titles, we love to celebrate nerdiness in all its forms.

Which is why we always jump at the opportunity to head to gaming conventions around the world. Playtesting games and meeting fellow players is one of our favorite ways to network, so we make sure to hit a few conventions each year. We interviewed our staff to find out which conventions were their highlights.

We went to WASD

London is a prime spot for gaming conventions due to its central location in England and ease of access for international visitors. One convention we make a point of heading to each year is WASD, an event for fans of gaming in all shapes and forms. We went twice in 2023, to enjoy talks focused at helping devs and programmers, as well as try out much-anticipated titles in the main event hall.

We especially loved the hall for Indie releases and smaller games, and the room just for playing board games. With dedicated quiet spaces and smaller crowds, it’s an excellent option for convention-goers looking for events off the beaten path.

Entertained ourselves at EGX

Another London favorite of ours is EGX. Though it’s held in both London and Germany, we love it when we can gush about gaming on our home turf. The halls of EGX are stuffed with opportunities to play test new titles, and awesome stalls and stands for merch.

Cosplayers wander the halls and the backdrop of London makes for a dramatic day trip (or long weekend for our dedicated gamers on staff). It’s a step up in scale from WASD, but neither EGX nor WASD can match the massive atmosphere of Gamescom.

Got lost at Gamescom

Gamescom might take the cake for our favorite convention of the year. Its sheer size means that it’s the best place for our team to network with global fans of gaming and industry VIPs.

“Gamescom is always my favorite,” says Matty Brown, our Account Director. “It’s the biggest by far and provides the best opportunity to connect with clients old and new. The energy is so friendly, and post-Covid you could feel how excited people were to be back.”

Lily Smart, our Advertising and Media Apprentice, agrees: “Gamescom was a definite winner for me as the presence there was amazing and the stands were immaculate. It was lovely to meet everyone face to face at each and every one.”

Chris Hermitage, another Account Director here at Publisher Collective, called Gamescom his 2023 highlight: “The convergence of so many in the Gaming industry is always enjoyable despite it being one of the busiest weeks of the year. People are excited to catch up and discuss future plans. Whilst business is the focus, the social nature of the week is great fun.”

We’re looking forward to attending our annual favorites in 2024, and hopefully heading to some new ones! Did we miss your favorite convention? Tell us on our social media. Check our blog for more updates on the Collective, as well as industry news, tips for publishers, and more!