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How long does it take to get onboarded to Publisher Collective?
A typical onboard will take no longer than a week. You’ll be assigned your own Operations Executive from day one, who will guide you through the onboarding process and ensure you have everything you need

You’ll then also have access to your own Account Manager, to help with any further revenue optimisations throughout your partnership with us

It’s worth noting that Publisher Collective operates a “ramp-up” period, lasting around 30 days from your first day with us. This allows our ad server to calibrate to your unique website and traffic


Will Publisher Collective alter my website?
No, Publisher Collective will not alter your website

However, we do recommend certain optimisations that may require changes to your site’s theme, such as to help with Google’s Page Experience Update, or to ensure that you’re monetising to your site’s fullest potential

These recommendations are never compulsory or contractually obligated


When can I expect to receive payment?
All of our payments are made under Net-60 Terms – this means you’ll be paid 60 days after the first month of revenue you’ve earned with us

Payments are paid out via TransferWise, PayPal, or directly into your bank (if you have a UK bank account)


What are Publisher Collective’s eligibility requirements?
To join Publisher Collective, you need to have a website with 250,000 page views per month which also achieves 30% combined audience demographics within the USA, UK and Canada



Does Publisher Collective offer creative services too?
Yes, we have an in-house design & creative studio that can offer high-quality display and video creatives specifically for your campaign


What is Publisher Collective’s USP?
Publisher Collective is both a publishing house and a digital sales house. It combines contextual and behavioural targeting across its entire portfolio of Games Entertainment and Entertainments sites/channels

This integrates the relevance and specificity of a site brand with the reach and scale of a network


What audiences can Publisher Collective reach?
Publisher Collective reaches audiences throughout the entire spectrum of gaming

Everything from casual mobile gamers to mid-core console owners to high participation competitive gamers

We have access to millions of individuals across the globe


Does Publisher Collective offer Programmatic advertising services?
Yes, at Publisher Collective we support Programmatic trading