Universe Takeover

Understand the immersion and impact of our ad format Universe Takeover.

Here at Publisher Collective, we’re confident that our suite of ad formats is second to none. We’ve introduced AstroBoard and Solar Skins on our blog before, but Universe Takeover stands in a class of its own. If an advertiser is looking to make a major splash with our gaming audience, our Universe Takeover ad format is the top solution.


The Universe Takeover is designed to completely splash the user’s screen with high-impact, creatively designed content. The advertisement being served will exist as the only ad content on the page. That’s right – every available ad display will be filled with the same ad campaign. Rather than being overstimulating or underwhelming, the creative team will design each ad format with its unique placement and dimensions in mind.

Your product or service will be impossible to miss with Universe Takeover’s definitive solution. Couple this with the attractive core ad campaigns our creative team can serve up, and Universe Takeover’s selling power is undeniable. Want to showcase gameplay imagery or character art, while highlighting your glowing game reviews? Universe Takeover can serve all that to the user at once, providing an incredibly engaging ad experience.


Our unique audience of passionate gamers and dedicated fans are more inclined to click on advertisements suited to their interests, especially when it’s presented in such an attractive package. Universe Takeover will ensure each advertisement campaign has the maximum draw and ROI because of the sheer amount of content on the page. Universe Takeover doesn’t require any additional acceptance from the partner, as it will only populate the existing ad formats (except any video ad placements). It’s designed to draw attention and hold it, and will often serve a higher CTR because of this.

As immediate and striking as Universe Takeover is, we ensure users won’t tire of the content easily. We achieve this through limiting the amount of time Universe Takeover fills the available ad formats, and the frequency the user will come across the campaign on our partner sites. Users can view the entire suite of advertisements without feeling overwhelmed or annoyed.

Key Points

Universe Takeover is the ultimate solution to advertising. It employs a flash-bang strategy of explosive, exciting ad content across the entire page without becoming tiresome to the user. We work hard to create ad formats that will be beneficial to everyone, from the user to the publisher to the advertiser. Universe Takeover absolutely illustrates this with bold, revolutionary campaigns. Ensure your game or product gets the luxury, star treatment it deserves by choosing Universe Takeover for your next ad campaign.

If you’re an advertiser and you’d like to unlock the potential of Universe Takeover, reach out to us here. If you’re a publisher looking to join our Collective, you can apply to become a partner here. We frequently share industry advice and publisher tools on our blog, which you can check out here.