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We’ve got an arsenal of awesome tools to help our advertisers and partners stand out. Here's how Moat helps us accurately understand the impact of our ad campaigns.

powered by moat

Aligning publishers’ needs and advertisers’ requests can seem like a daunting task to undertake. At Publisher Collective, we keep a toolbox of different software and applications to make sure we’re delivering the best campaigns to the right audiences. When we need to streamline high-impact ad creation, we reach for Celtra. And when we need to accurately analyze the performance of those ad campaigns, we turn to Moat.

Moat helps us keep our spinning plates in the air by comprehensively analyzing the performance of each ad campaign. Every analytic is parcelled up and presented to our Ad Operations team in an easily digestible format. Moat also prevents our ad campaigns from veering off-course by identifying and adhering to the conditions our team sets for the duration of the campaign.

What does it do?

In an ideal world, all ad campaigns are only shown to real people who are actually interested in the advertisement. Bot activity and spoofed sites mean that there’s a margin of error that often needs to be accounted for in analytics reporting, referred to as invalid traffic or IVT.

It can be hard to sift through the IVT, but Moat measures this traffic and can differentiate it from legitimate data. This eliminates a lot of the unknowns that come with running ad campaigns and keeps our data squeaky clean for our advertisers and publishers. Moat can also display percentile benchmarks across the industry, so we know where we stand against competitors when it comes to viewability and click-through rate.

Moat works across all platforms: mobile, desktop, and apps. It amalgamates data from the users that see the advertisement, the device it’s shown on, the browser being employed by the user and more. Where it could be clunky and time-consuming to record and store all this data ourselves, Moat manages this data and delivers it to us throughout an ad campaign’s runtime.

How do we use it?

When we work with advertisers to serve campaigns to our gaming audiences, the advertiser is always looking to hit different milestones. Those milestones will often consist of viewability and click-through rates. As the ad campaign progresses, we want to make sure that we hit those milestones for our advertisers.

Because of Moat’s timely data collection, we can monitor an ad campaign throughout its scheduled release. If there are unexpected dips in viewability, Moat will showcase that in the campaign’s analytics. Instead of having to sift through lines and lines of data, Moat keeps the important information front and center. Our team can identify the issue using Moat reports, and make adjustments to the campaign to keep it running smoothly.

We also use the data that Moat collects to illustrate a campaign’s performance to our advertisers. Moat independently verifies this data, so we can feel confident passing it on to our clients. It means we can spend more time honing the advertising process, from conception to campaign completion.

We’ll be featuring more of our trademark tools on the blog, so keep an eye out for our next feature. Last time we featured our campaign creation tool, Celtra. If you’re an advertiser and want to unleash the potential of truly impactful ads, you can contact us here.