Powered by Quantcast

We’ve got an arsenal of awesome tools to help our advertisers and partners stand out. Here’s how Quantcast sets us up for success with solid statistics and insights.

powered by quantcast

Our success as an ad platform relies on strong statistics. We need to be able to pinpoint our position among our competitors to better serve our partners and the advertisers we work with. We’ve discussed how Celtra helps us serve high impact advertisements, and how Moat makes tracking the campaign’s performance easy. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Quantcast.

Quantcast serves as a one-stop shop for all our insight needs. As a demand-side platform, we can utilize Quantcast’s robust tech to get to know our audience on a deeper level. We talk a lot about how our user base is unique, and with Quantcast, we’ve got the stats to back that up. Advertisers can see our vast audiences at a glance, and can drill down to find their desired user base for their upcoming campaigns.

What does it do?

A better question to ask might be ‘What doesn’t Quantcast do?’

Quantcast can provide analytics on our audiences and measure these against aggregated data from other websites within our niche. It shows us this data in percentiles, pinpointing where we sit against our competitors. Quantcast also narrows our audience into subsections, so we can see which users are interested in which products. Using patented technology, Quantcast can identify adjacent interests our users have outside of the data that we’re using.

Quantcast’s secret is that it isn’t a secret. As a widely-used industry tool, Quantcast can aggregate data from all of the publishers and advertisers that use it. The more publishers and portfolios that make use of Quantcast’s platform, the more robust and targeted their data becomes.

Month to month, we can see exactly how our audiences are growing and changing. This goes beyond just numbers. We can see how loyal users are to one website, how often they visit over a period of time, what other interests or hobbies they enjoy. Quantcast helps us go below the surface to find what makes our audiences tick.

How do we use it?

Quantcast’s statistics can highlight our strengths, such as where we sit against other gaming-focused digital media. We often use these statistics to create new targets and goals to guide us in campaigns moving forward.

For advertisers looking to reach our unique audience, Quantcast makes it easier than ever for advertisers to really distinguish between different users. Let’s say there’s a company creating high-end headphones. Instead of targeting gamers as a whole and hoping for the best, this advertiser can find gamers who are more likely to have ‘listening to music’ as their other favourite hobby, prefer to spend on consumer technology, and have the expendable income to afford it.

Let’s go further and say this company uses recycled materials to create the shell of their headsets. Quantcast can show the advertiser which audience meets all of the above criteria, and will more likely purchase a product that has made efforts to be as green as possible. Advertisers can make informed purchases for their products, and we can confidently highlight our unique, vast gaming audiences for a huge variety of products.

We’ll be featuring more of our trademark tools on our blog, so keep an eye out for our next feature. If you’re an advertiser and want to unleash the potential of truly impactful ads, you can contact us here.