Our predicted programmatic trends for 2024

What’s coming down the programmatic pipeline in the next year? Check out our predictions for what’s trending in 2024.

our predicted programmatic trends for 2024

A shiny new year means new trend forecasts from all over the industry. As a site owner, how do you know what to devote time to, and what might fall flat before the end of February? We’ve taken a look at some of the predicted trends for 2024 and made our own forecasts for industry shake-ups that might happen in the next year.

AI is sticking around

No matter what the general temperature is around AI (Good? Bad? A one-way road to a robot rebellion?) it’s only going to be getting bigger in 2024. We’re seeing bigger players in advertising lean on AI to assist in creating campaigns, just as we’re seeing lawmakers work to limit the capabilities and uses AI can be applied to.

Our advice? Utilizing AI tools to aid in content creation, site upkeep, or general maintenance (think comment moderation, or culling inactive users from your server) could help to eliminate some more time consuming tasks from your to-do list, but no AI is infallible. The implications of giving a learning software access to your content or code may still have consequences we can’t see yet, so we’ll leave this one to your judgment.

Privacy policy updated

We’ve been talking about the third party cookie collapse for years, and though Google’s repeatedly pushed back the demolition date, it’s full steam ahead this spring. Google has already started phasing out third party cookies with one percent of Chrome users, by disabling the use and collection of third party cookies on their web browser.

This will bring about some growing pains for both advertisers and publishers that haven’t been preparing for the deprecation of cookies. For publishers, we’d recommend seeking out an ad network that can provide privacy policy support (like us!) through the use of CMPs that keep you compliant with any new policies.

Video, video, video!

Video advertising has been steadily climbing the programmatic revenue ranks, and 2024 will be more of the same. In the United States alone, Statista predicted advertisers would spend over 74 billion dollars on programmatic video alone, with their global prediction for 2024 jumping to 120 billion. Why not get a piece of that pie by implementing video advertising on your site?

Video ads typically invite more engagement from users, especially if they’re used in a way that’s not intrusive to the UX. If you’re interested in learning more about boosting your own video content within your site, check out our blog all about this all-powerful format.

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