Five Ways to Make Advertisers Love Your Site

What are advertisers looking for in an ideal site? Increase your revenue by making your site more attractive to potential advertisers with these five tips.

If you’ve ever been curious about what advertisers are looking for in a potentially profitable site, you’re not alone. One of our most asked questions here at Publisher Collective deals with this: How do I get advertisers to flock to my site?

Advertisers are looking for a few crucial features when selecting sites to advertise on. Ad variety, audience scale, and quality of content are all key to keeping an advertiser interested. Below, we break down the features advertisers are looking for in a profitable website, and provide some tips on how you can draw advertisers in.

1)  Increase User Reach

This may seem like a no brainer, but advertisers are looking for big numbers of unique users to your website. This can be done through effectively boosting your SEO and Google Discovery, ensuring new eyes get to your page before your competitor’s. Publisher Collective offers tools to our partners that can streamline the user’s search for your website, resulting in unique users that keep coming back to your content over your competitors. You can increase your page views by creating engaging content that fosters conversation and interaction with your users, keeping them on your site for longer. This goes into our second point below.

2)  Increase Data Richness

Though SEO may be how users initially arrive at your site, your content is what will keep them there. Ensure you have features on your website that simplify the user’s path through the site, like indexes for wikis and databases, or links to recommended pages to complement the content they’re interested in. Keep your URLs relevant to the content by including keywords to streamline your contact and push your position in search results even higher. Get an idea of your audience by using surveys to develop a demographic you can easily present to advertisers.

3)  Invest in Ad Performance

A high performing website doesn’t mean much to advertisers if the ads they’re placing aren’t being seen. Ad engagement and viewability are paramount to advertisers. Effectively placed ads that stay with the user as they’re navigating your site create continuity and encourage click-through, bringing both you and your advertisers a better payday without compromising on your user’s experience.

4)  Keep Advertisements Fresh

A key component of an attractive site to advertisers is versatility. Try having multiple ad formats on your site, whether that’s static ads or videos. By having different formats for advertisers to choose from when placing ads on your site, you can boost your audience engagement. Incorporating exclusive ad formats has been found to increase click-through and interaction from users. Publisher Collective often works with advertisers to create these exclusive ad campaigns that bring big revenue to our partner sites.

5)  Remember: Quality over Quantity

Be sure that you’re placing ads strategically on your site to optimise the amount of time a user is looking at the ad. Consider where it might draw the eye without being intrusive to your content. A few well-placed ads are more valuable to advertisers than a load of ads that are placed in areas the user might not navigate to or even see!

It can be a bit of a balancing act to keep both users and advertisers happy, but Publisher Collective is here to help. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, or would like some industry insight on this topic, get in touch with our team today!